Noelle Fogg Elibol

Noelle Fogg Elibol is the Farmland Matching Service Coordinator at New Entry, working closely with farmers and land owners to identify and assess land parcels for agricultural suitability and to provide land matching technical assistance to farmers. She develops educational resources for local communities and landowners and builds partnerships with other service provider organizations to work toward increasing land matching for farmers throughout the Northeast.

Noelle graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Economics. She worked with New Entry Sustainable Farming Project as the Farm Business Planning Course T.A. and previously worked as the Technical Assistance Coordinator at Julia Shanks Food Consulting where she provided clients with business planning and financial analysis tools. She also worked on the Investor Relations team at Root Capital, a non-profit social investment fund for small and growing agricultural businesses in Latin America and Africa. 

You can contact Noelle via e-mail at: