Lowell Food Security

Lowell Food Security Coalition

New Entry served as a founding organization in the Lowell Food Security Coalition (LFSC), a group that formed to address residents' access to more healthy, sustainable food choices in the City of Lowell.  Members of the coalition ranged from farm and garden groups, neighborhood groups, health care organizations, hunger relief agencies, social service agencies, youth development groups, and others.  LFSC's mission is to increase the community’s engagement in and the capacity of our local food system, and ensure that all constituents have equal access to grow, purchase, and consume healthy and culturally appropriate food in quantities that can sustain a healthy community.  The LFSC website offers information on community gardening resources in Lowell and the Lowell food pantry and meals schedule.

Lowell Community Food Assessment

In 2011 New Entry recieved funding from Third Sector New England to work with the Lowell Food Security Coalition (FSC) to conduct a Community Food Assessment (CFA) in order to enhance a collective understanding of the resources and gaps present within Lowell’s food system, so that they could create common goals, strategic plans, and policy recommendations to inform future FSC endeavors for ensuring a more food secure Lowell. The Lowell Community Food Assessment, released to the community on January 31st 2013, reflects findings from this two year long research process. 

Lowell Urban Food Production Plan

Using funding recieved from USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture during 2012-2013, New Entry partnered with several Lowell organizations, the Conway School of Landscape and Design, and Metabolic Labs to conduct an Urban Food Production Planning Project (UFPP) to address the needs stated in the Community Food Assessment.  The Urban Food Production Plan, completed in May 2013, presents suggestions for funding and developing urban agriculture production and related enterprises that will encourage the City of Lowell and interested organizations and community groups to incorporate food production into its long-term food security plans.  The UFPP supports development of entrepreneurial projects and innovative marketing activities that benefit agricultural producers and low-income consumers.