AgALN Webinars

Our webinar series brings together experts in the field to share their knowledge and experience with ag apprenticeship projects across the country…

AgALN Webinar #1: Creating A Mutually Rewarding Apprenticeship Experience: Understanding New Farmer Typologies and Skill Aquisition

Presenters: Abby Sadauckas is a farmer and  the project manager for the grant.

                   Leslie Forstadt is Human Development Specialist at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

You may have found yourself asking: “Why is it so hard to manage the people on my farm?” or “Why do apprentices take so much time?” or “How can I be a better mentor?” or “What’s the best approach for curriculum design for apprenticeship programs?” 

In this webinar, the presenters will introduce two curriculum tools, the New England Small Farm Institute’s DACUM and the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition. Using these tools as a starting place, Abby and Leslie will discuss how key interpersonal skills can make or break the success of your apprenticeship program. The presentation will provide professional development for mentor farmers to better understand how skills are built and how to have positive working relationships and decrease conflict on the farm. Using real-life examples to explain these concepts, Abby and Leslie will create and engaging conversation that’s emerged from their NESARE grant: Supporting Relationships for Farm Success.