Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my share home?

You are always expected to bring your own bags.  We will have a few plastic bags on hand just in case, but in keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we urge you to keep your bags somewhere handy so you can never forget them.

Is World PEAS produce sustainable?

Our produce is grown locally and harvested fresh, within hours of pick-up. World PEAS beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers use organic and sustainable growing practices, and they are prohibited from using synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, and GMO seeds. They also receive technical assistance and support year-round from New Entry staff to maintain production integrity in their fields and farm products. Our farmers act as stewards of rural & suburban lands, by increasing soil fertility and health while preserving agrarian landscapes. 

We source additional fruits and vegetables from farms within 100 miles of Boston that use certified organic practices, compliant but uncertified organic practices, or Integrated Pest Management (mostly for local fruit and sweet corn).

Does World PEAS offer a winter share or extended season share?

No, World PEAS does not currently offer a winter share or extended season share. Our beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers have limited infrastructural and/or financial resources to grow into the winter. Many small-scale farmers with limited acreage also prefer to grow higher value, seasonal crops like tomatoes and salad greens rather than set aside their already limited space to grow lower value storage/root crops typically offered in winter CSA programs. 

In previous years, World PEAS did offer an extended season share into the month of November. We have discontinued this program offering given limited participation by shareholders and limited capacity by our farmers to grow for a winter share. We did extend our regular season from 18 to 20 weeks in 2013 to give both our shareholders and farmers a longer season. 

What if I want to cancel my share?

If you are not able to continue your CSA membership for any reason, you are entitled to a refund of your CSA payment, less the value of any shares already distributed to you, plus a $100 cancellation fee.  Notice of CSA share cancellations must be made via email to  

How can I support your important mission-based work?

Please visit our Food Access page to learn about our food access programs.  Also, you can donate to our Share-a-Share program, to help increase our low-income food access impact.

Also, please “Like” our page on Facebook to get daily updates about our farmers, recipes, and more fun information.  

How do I find out details regarding my pickup location?

Click here to get information regarding World PEAS pick-up locations.  We will also send you an email with instructions regarding specifics about the pick-up location that you chose when you registered, as well as information on how our program supports small farmers and increases access to affordable, fresh, local fruits and vegetables in low-income communities.

How do I pay my outstanding balance?

If you have placed a deposit, but not the entire payment, please send a check for the remaining balance (made payable to “Third Sector New England”) to the following address:
New Entry, World PEAS CSA
45 Merrimack St.
Lowell, MA 01852

Can I register by mail?

No, we only accept online registration.  If you encounter difficulty during the online process, please call us and we will be happy to help you through the steps!

Can I use a credit card to register for the CSA online or do I need a PayPal account?

You do not need to have a PayPal account to make the purchase. However, all purchase activity goes through our secure PayPal service. When you are ready to purchase, you will be directed to the PayPal website. There, you will have the option of using your debit or credit card, without having to set up a PayPal account. PayPal simply provides the online security we need to securely process credit cards.

When does the CSA season begin and end?

The World PEAS CSA season runs 20 weeks, normally from the 2nd week of June through the 3rd week of October, with the Fall share running from the 1st week of September and through the 3rd week of October.  However, this year the CSA got started two weeks late due to unseasonably rainy weather.  Please see below for the adjusted dates.

For Tuesday pick-up locations:

  • First day of full-season share delivery: Tuesday, June 21st
  • First day of Fall Share pick up: Tuesday, September 20th
  • Last day of delivery (full season & Fall Shares): Tuesday, October 31st

For Wednesday pick-up locations:

  • First day of full-season share delivery: Wednesday, June 22nd
  • First day of Fall Share pick up: Wednesday, September 21st
  • Last day of delivery (full season & Fall Shares): Wednesday, November 1st

For Thursday pick-up locations:

  • First day of full-season share delivery: Thursday, June 23rd
  • First day of Fall Share pick up: Thursday, September 22nd
  • Last day of delivery (full season & Fall Shares): Thursday, November 2nd

What if I can't pick up my share?

If you can’t pick up your share, the coordinator will repurpose it, most likely as a donation to our food access initiatives.  If you want a friend to pick up your share, that’s fine, and you don’t need to notify us.  If you know in advance you won’t be able to pick up your share, let us know so we can plan what to do with it.

Shareholders should arrive at their chosen pickup location for the season, during the designated pickup time window.  Please do not contact site coordinators to ask if you can pick up your share before or after the stated pickup window.

Can I split my share with another household?

Multiple households that are splitting a single share should make pickup arrangements with one another to either have one partner pick up the share, or meet at the distribution to split it up. If share partners choose to meet at the pickup to split the share, they must split up the share away from the pickup site (for example at a shareholder’s car).

Under no circumstances should anyone leave a partial share at the pickup site for their partner to pick up, as someone else may mistakenly take it thinking it is a full share. Please do not ask site coordinators to hold a partial share for your share partners.

Can I change my pick up location?

Switching shareholders’ pickup locations is very tricky for us, as we must change all of the production numbers for each farmer. However, we realized that circumstances beyond shareholders’ control may make changing locations necessary. We will therefore offer to change shareholders’ pickup location for a nominal donation of $25, which will be used to support our efforts to bring produce to low-income populations. Shareholders should notify the World PEAS Food Hub Coordinator or World PEAS Food Hub Manager, at least two weeks prior to the desired relocation date, and continue to pickup in their original location until I have confirmed that the change has been made.

Can I pick what crops I will receive in the CSA?

Shareholders do not choose specific crops, but instead, receive a box of fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season and represent a diversity of vegetables.  One of the tenets the Community Supported Agriculture model is that farmers know how many shareholders are participating and what crops they plan to distribute each day throughout the season. This avoids growing crops that farmers don’t have a market for, and keeps costs down for the farmer and consumer. It also means that the produce is as fresh as possible, as farmers know exactly what and how much to harvest, and can harvest the day before distribution to shareholders. We have refined our CSA offering over the years based on survey feedback, and feel pretty confident that it offers a great balance and variety.

Nonetheless, we understand that not everyone likes beets, and some people can’t get enough beets. That’s why at most pickup locations, we will have a “Swap Box”. We will leave a few extra items in the swap box each week. If there is something in your share that you don’t particularly like, you may exchange it for something in the Swap Box.

To get a better sense of what we are you may receive, check out our “Sample Small Shares” document that shows what you may receive on a given week in the spring, summer, and fall.