Graduating From Excel to Quickbooks


Thursday, December 16, 2021


6:00pm – 7:30pm


Virtual Online Session  



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Join fellow farmers in an informative session of their transition from plenty of Excel spreadsheets to Quickbooks.  Learn about setting up a chart of accounts, creating financial reports and statements, ease in filing taxes, and making sense of the financial health of your business.


Cian Dalzell is the farmer and co-owner of Three Maples Market Garden in far Western Massachusetts, as well as a consultant for farms and food businesses. His focus is on working with farms and food businesses to build robust and sustainable systems for both field and finances. His farm financial journey has gone from a shoebox to Excel to Quickbooks over the past decade.

Emily Round is owner of Grounded Flower Farm in Beverly, MA.  Emily has been growing and designing flowers for over 8 years and operates a flower CSA program and wholesales direct to florists.  She is a graduate of the Essex Agricultural and Technical High School and participates in the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project incubator farm program.