Marketing Assistance

Learning how to market produce is just as important as learning how to grow it.

New Entry assists beginning farmers by helping them develop marketing plans prior to planting, and by inviting them to sell their produce to the World PEAS Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.


As a participant in the Farm Business Planning Course, you will develop a marketing plan which includes the products you plan to produce, and the markets (farmers markets, stores, restaurants, etc.) you plan to sell to. New Entry will help you put your marketing plan into action by working with you to make market contacts, connect you to insurance and food safety resources, and by providing guidance on how to sell your products to different types of customers.


One marketing option popular for beginning farmers who have taken the Farm Business Planning Course is participation in the World PEAS Food Hub and CSA. World PEAS purchases produce from beginning farmers at a fair market price, aggregates it, and sells it to CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members and to low-income food access partners throughout the growing season. Our  CSA has over 400 members from 19 communities in the Greater Boston area. Farmers who sell through World PEAS have time to get used to some of the challenges of marketing and selling produce, allowing them to concentrate on learning how to be good farmers and building a strong business.


For more information on selling to World PEAS, contact Tony Grasso at 978-654-6745, or email