For Landowners

Every piece of land has a unique story and it's our business to get to know yours. We want to learn about your land so we can match you with the best farmer to fit your situation. 

The Service for Landowners

The Farmland Matching Service helps landowners keep their farmland in production or turn their land into active agricultural land by matching them with farmers who are looking for land.

New Entry maintains a database of available farmland and farmers looking for land. Landowners can choose to proceed with farmland matching privately or can list their property publicly on our Farmland Map. In either instance farm seekers will be screened by our Farmland Matching Service Coordinator to ensure suitability for both your personal and site requirements.

During the matching process we can also provide landowners with technical assistance. We are able to guide you through considerations you may encounter in a lease agreement and can help to evaluate the agricultural suitability of your land.


Before You Get Started

Landowners interested in leasing their land to farmers should remember that farming is a business.  Active agricultural land involves a variety of farm activities and structures that are important for a farmer’s business. It is important to talk to potential farmers who will use your land to gain an understanding of the activities they’re planning for their business and your land.  Permitted and restricted activities can be outlined in your lease. 

Determine your goals for your land before starting to search for a farmer.  The “Where to Start Guide” (pdf) from our partners at SEMAP can help you in this process.

Find out How the Farmland Matching Service Works and fill out a Landowner application so we can get started!