Training Tools and Handouts

Refugee Child Care Assessment Form

Organizations that work specifically with refugees have found that access to childcare can be a signfiicant obstacle to people's participation in farm incubator projects. The following survey was shared by Marijana Ababovic from ISED Solutions on the RAP-P list serve.

NASAP Land Survey Questions

Survey of questions developed by the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP) to evaluate potential land for beginning farmer training programs.

Lease Agreement for RAPP Grantees Training Site

A sample lease for a property being leased by the operators of a refugee and immigrant focused beginning farmer training program.

10 Ways to Increase Sales at Markets

An easy to use and helpful guide that highlights 10 important factors for selling farm products at a farmers market. Many of these principles and ideas also apply to CSA's, farm stands, and other marketing outlets.

Budgeting Training Materials- Karen translation

Financial literacy training materials on budgeting, from the International Institute of Saint Louis.

Farley Center Farm Incubator Application - 2014

Example of an application form from the Farley Center Farm Incubator - bi-lingual English and Spanish.

Hand Washing Instructions- Karen Translation

Karen translation of instructions for vegetables prep and wash stations, from Transplanting Traditions.

Hand Washing Instructions

Instructions for vegetables prep and wash stations, from Transplanting Traditions.

Farm Hygiene - Translated into Kirundi

Farm hygiene document translated into Kirundi.

NASAP Mutual Agreement

Agreement between New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP) and participants, regarding the farm business plan. Includes NASAP responsibilities, participants' responsibilites, and farmer committee overview.


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