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Organic Pest Management Basics

Presentation includes the basic principles of organic pest management as well as illustrates the differences between good and bad bugs.

NIFTI Webinar #5- Land and Site Management for Incubator Farms


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This webinar covers managing shared infrastructure and incubator sites. Partners from the Intervale Center, the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project, the International Rescue Committee and the Minnesota Food Association discuss a wide variety of topics including leasing land, soil fertility management, infrastructure development, urban farming initiatives and general site maintenance (budget, staffing, etc.).

NIFTI Webinar #4- Marketing Support for Incubator Farms


  • Video

This webinar exaplains how to integrate marketing support and cooperative marketing on incubator farms. Partners from the Intervale Center, the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA) and the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (New Entry) will discuss avenues for marketing incubator farmer's products, cooperative storage, distribution, and marketing infrastructure (food hubs), maintaining product quality, and food safety concerns.

Production Calendar without Succession

Illustrated calendar that recommends planting dates for a variety crops, April through June.

Vegetable Identification

An illustrated guide of common vegetables grown and eaten in Vermont.

Vegetable Flash Cards

Vegetable flash cards with vocabulary and pictures, from the Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program curriculum.

The Marketing Channel Assessment Tool for Small Scale Producers


  • Digital Download

Strategies and resources for assessing a variety of marketing channels, compiled by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tomkins County.

Guide to Marketing Channel Selection


  • Digital Download

This publication is a decision-making aid for new farmers considering marketing through a new channel, outlining methods to sell wholesale and  direct marketing channels.

Market Plan worksheet

Market plan worksheet to help categorize CSA, farmers' market, restaurant, stores, and mobile market sales.

Making a Market Plan

Lesson plan from New Lands Farm's winter training series. Outlines the benefits of a farm business market plan and identifies where and how to sell farm products.


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