Plain Language Materials

CSA Class - 2 of 3

Power point presentation for farmers with customer's feedback about their CSA.  Needs to be adapated to specific programs, useful outline.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming level: Beginning. Literacy Level: low/moderate.  Key Words: CSA, feedback, customer service.

Flow Chart - Business Planning Variables


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Word doc flow chart for farmers to illustrate different variables that affect their business planning.  All Regions.  English Level: emerging.  Farming level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Moderate.  Key words: business.

Organic Farming Course 2011 - MOFGA


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PDF Outline of two-day short course in organic farming, used to guide farmer trainers.  Includes schedule of course and lecture topics. All regions. English level: Intermediate. Knowledge Level: Beginner. Literacy Level: Moderate

Farmer Fees


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Word document outline for fees due to incubator farm from farmers.  Should be adapted to specific incubator farm projects.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming level: n/a.  Literacy Level: Low.  Key Words: fees, organizational maintenance.

GYOG Resources 2011 - MOFGA's Workshop

PDF outline of resources for farmers and trainers.  Includes a sample powerpoint presentation about organic farming and pest management, a check list to identify pests and lists places to find helpful resources and seed companies.  English Level: Developing (intermediate).  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Moderate/Semi.

Three Kinds of Peas

PDF handout for farmers describing the different uses and harvesting times between shell peas, snap peas and snow peas.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: low.  

Draft Production Plan Worksheet

Draft excel spreadsheet template outlining dates for various activities for various crops, including bed preparation, seeding, watering, cultivating, and harvesting. All regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Pre.

Farm Budgets

Powerpoint Presentation for farmers about basic farm budgets.  Includes explanations of a budget, expenses to be considered specifc to farming, how to calculate profits and record keeping.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Low.  Key Words:  budget, financial literacy, business planning, budgeting, business plan

Basic Business Planning and Recordkeeping with Refugee and Immigrant Populations NIFTI 2015

A presentation from the 2015 NIFTI National Field School by Kelly Owensby of Transplanting Traditions, Jess Soulis of LSIowa, and Katie Painter of Global Gardens. 


Discover how three refugee-focused Incubator Farm Projects manage business planning and recordkeeping. 

Massachusetts Farmland Guide

A plain language guide from New Entry that is written for beginning farmers who are looking for land to start a farm business. Includes resources to help farmers locate and secure farmland through a variety of purchasing options.


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