Plain Language Materials

Wholesale Packing Resource Guide

Plain lanugage guide from New Entry for people who want to learn about selling to supermarkets, produce distributors, restaurants and institutions. The guide explains packing requirements and aims to help farmers decide if it makes sense for them to enter the wholesale market.

Season Extension

Plain language guide from the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, which aids farmers in extending their season into the winter. The guide outlines the benefits and costs of extending the growing season, several methods of season extension, and necessary materials and costs.

Quick Guide to Food Safety Resources


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Annotated bibliography compiled by New Entry, which identifies resources to help farmers farmers develop successful food safety plans and practices, including good agricultural practices (GAPs), risk management planning, and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Quick Guide to Farm Insurance


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Quick guide to Farm Insurance, put together by New Entry Sustainable Farming project, which offers protection from liability charges and property damage, as well as insurance against crop failures. Outlines types of farm insurance that are available, requirements for coverage, and potential sources of farm insurance.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)- Plain Language Guide

Plain language guide from New Entry on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). The guide provides background on the importance of GAPs, the audit process, and developing a food safety plan.

Managing Risks on the Small Farm

Plain language guide from New Entry, designed to introduce farmers to the risks of farming. Explains the five types of risk: production, marketing, worker, legal, and financial, and provides worksheets for each farmer to complete.

Harvesting Crops for Market

Plain language guide from New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, which provides information on when to harvest vegetables, food safety information around handling produce after harvest, and how to prepare produce for harvest.

Financing the Farm: Applying for an FSA Loan

Plain language guide from New Entry that is designed to help farmers apply for a Farm Service Agency (FSA) loan, in order to provide extra resources to get started, expand, or own their own farm business. The guide explains the types of FSA loans available and provides instructions for applying and making a business plan.

Guide to USDA's NASS End of Season Fruit and Vegetable Inquiry

Plain language guide from New Entry that is designed to help farmers complete the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) End of Season Fruit and Vegetable Survey. The guide explains where to record farm information on the specific forms, and includes an example of the forms with support for how to complete the questions.

Selling at a Farmers Market

Plain language guide from New Entry that provides new farmers with information on how to begin selling farm grown products at a Farmers' Market. The guide includes support for choosing a market, applying to sell at the market, designing market displays, setting prices, making sales, and keeping records.


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