Breanne Wroughton

Breanne Wroughton is the World PEAS Food Hub Coordinator at New Entry, managing both the World PEAS (People Enhancing Agricultural Sustainability) CSA, as well as produce distribution to low-income markets, including area WIC programs, summer meal programs, and senior food assistance initiatives. During the winter months, Breanne works with farmers to coordinate crop production to meet the needs of our various markets, while ensuring crop diversity for each producer. She also helps farmers with annual business planning. During the agricultural season, Breanne oversees the assembly and distribution of over 350 CSA shares, manages shareholder communication, and markets produce to institutions and food access partners. 

Breanne was born and raised in Latin America. She moved to the United States to attend Wheaton College where she earner a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and a certificate in Human Needs and Global Resources. After finishing her studies she moved to Washington, DC where she worked for an organization supporting job skills training and fair trade programs for women in Africa. After two years in DC, Breanne moved to Northern California where she grew to love farming and education through an internship and later a staff position at the University of California Davis Student Farm. It was there that she first learned how asparagus grows (look it up, it’s amazing!) and learned to love watching students experience those kinds of revelations too. Before joining the World PEAS Food Hub team, Breanne helped coordinate the California Farm Academy (CFA), a beginning farmer training and incubator program in Solano County, CA. At CFA she managed a one-acre teaching plot where students got hands-on experience with mixed vegetable farming, provided technical assistance to incubator farmers, and worked to provide best the foundational training her students needed to start a successful farm enterprise.

Breanne is very excited to be working at New Entry and to participate in the World PEAS mission to provide beginning farmers with agricultural and business support while maintaining shareholder participation is critical to fostering a sustainable food hub.