Fair Share Program

Beginning in 2008, World PEAS established a low-income food justice program to ensure equitable access to fresh fruits and vegetables through its Fair Share Program.   Fair Share has grown to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to over 2,000 individuals per year in Middlesex County and communities around the Boston area.

Our Goals:

     - Increase access by low-income individuals to affordable, healthy local food options

     - Increase income earned by low-income farmers through market expansion to low-income communities

You can help World PEAS distribute over $85,000 of fresh organic produce to low-income communities in the 2017 season with our two options below:

The Fair Share

World PEAS now offers a Fair Share! When you sign up for a Fair Share, you will receive a fruit & vegetable World PEAS CSA share while providing an additional $6.50/week toward purchase of a share for a low-income individual or family. Your purchase is tax deductible up to the donation amount of $130.00. 

Direct Donations

You can also make a direct donation to our Food Access work. Thanks to your donations, we leveraged partner resources to distribute approximately $85,000 of World PEAS produce to low-income families from Middlesex county and the greater Boston area in 2016. Make a tax-deductible donation today. 

Thank you

New Entry conducted major philanthropic community fundraisers from 2012-2016 for the specific purpose of supporting the low-income food access program.  The low-income food access program is not possible without financial support to close the gap between what consumers can afford and what farmers need to cover costs of production and earn a living wage. New Entry donors continued support helps provide this important low-income food access subsidy.  If you are interested in supporting our food access work, please visit our donation page.