New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

NIFTI Farm Incubator Toolkit


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The National Incubator Farm Training Initiative has compiled the knowledge and experience of dozens of farm incubator projects across the U.S. to bring you the first edition of the NIFTI Farm Incubator Toolkit; a comprehensive guide to starting and operating land-based beginning farmer training programs.

New Entry Marketing Curriculum


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The lesson plan for New Entry's Farm Business Planning Class dedicated specifically to marketing, including; market research, competitive advantage, promotions, and how to apply marketing plan to financial plans.

World PEAS Food Hub 2012 Annual Report


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Our 2012 World PEAS Food Hub Annual Report provides program statistics about our multi-farmer food hub, involving 30 New Entry farmers who provide food for over 500 families in the Boston and Lowell area, including low-income and homeless individuals.

Sustainable Agriculture for the Next Century


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In this interactive online session, Jennifer Hashley discusses how the New Entry model provides constructive environments and strategies that support new producers and creates opportunities for new farmers to strengthen agricultural capacities, share learning experiences, and build better communities.

Plain Language Guide to Starting a Value Added Food Business

Are you looking for easy-to-follow directions regarding how to make money through processing your produce? This Value Added Processing Guide is written in Plain Language, and will help you with:

•Processing Raw Fruits and Vegetables in to a Finished Product that You Can Sell
•Packaging Your Value Added Products

Plain Language Guide to Managing Risks on the Small Farm

Are you a new or experienced farmer, interested in better understanding how to manage the risks of your operation? This guide to Managing Risks on the Small Farm, written in Plain Language, will help you with understanding how risk affects you in the following areas:

•Production Risk
•Marketing Risk
•Financial Risk
•Worker Risk
•Legal Risk

Plain Language Guide to USDA's NASS End of Season Fruit and Vegetable Inquiry

Would you like clear directions regarding how to complete your NASS End-of-Season Fruit and Vegetable Survey? This Plain Language Fruit and Vegetable Survey Guide can help you with understanding why and how to fill out the survey.

Farm Management on an Incubator Farm


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A short overview of farm management on an incubator farm site, including history and context, staffing and key partners, resources needed, key activities, goals and strategies, and lessons learned.

Training and Technical Assistance for New Farmers - Overview


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This document provides a short overview of New Entry's approach to providing training and technical assistance to beginning farmers. It covers history and context, staffing and key partners, resources needed, and lessons learned from over 15 years of operating a land-based farm incubator project.

Plain Language Guide to Harvesting Your Crops

Would you like to learn about when to harvest, how to handle your crops after harvesting, and how to prepare your produce for market? This Guide to Harvesting Your Crops, written in Plain Language, will help you with harvesting and handling:

  • Onion Crops
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Roots and Tubers
  • Beans and Peas
  • Herbs
  • Pumpkin Squash Blossoms
  • Pumpkins and Winter Squash


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