Beginning Farmer Program Evaluation Resource Library

The Beginning Farmer Program Evaluation Resource Library is a compilation of materials to assist beginning farmer and rancher training programs to conduct evaluation.

This Resource Library was created as part of the Gaining Results through Evaluation Work (GREW) project, funded through a US Department of Agriculture Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP) grant. This project supports the development of strong, effective and long-lasting farmer and rancher training programs so that beginning farmers enter the field of farming and establish successful farm businesses.

This library contains hundreds of resources focused on running effective and thorough program evaluations collected by the GREW team. Some resources focus explicitly on farming projects and others provide more general program evaluation instruction. You can use the topic of interest buttons below to search for the types of materials of interest or you can type a search directly “I’m looking for…” bar.

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Source: Racial Equity Tools

This website provides extensive tools, tips and resources for conducting program evaluation. It provides resources with a racial equity lens, as well as materials that focus on the technical aspects of evaluation in general.

Source: Colorado Nonprofits

P&P is designed to promote excellence in management practices, ethical conduct, legal compliance, and public accountability for Colorado’s nonprofit organizations as they perform their crucial community services

Source: Farmers Market Coalition

"This study examines the benefits and impacts of farmers markets, tools for data collection, and indicators for measurement for identified impacts by reviewing a selection of existing research on farmers markets published between 1999 and 2015. This literature review helps to understand the current status of data collection and measurement tools available and in use at markets to assess the impact of farmers markets. It also addresses the issues of challenges and barriers to data collection at markets and suggests what can be done for reliable data collection to take place in the market environment."