Crop Planning

Micro-producer Academy: Growing for Market 1, Choosing Crops


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This is module 3 in a series of 8 modules in the New Roots Micro-producer academy.This is an introduction to the concept of market gardening or farming, and to selecting crops that fit the market channel that producers anticipate using. This teaching resource was developed by International Rescue Committee in partnership with the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions). Refugee farmer training programs across the country provided feedback on this lesson, which is now integrated throughout the guide.

Planting Calendar Tool

This tool aids gardeners in working with a calendar and knowing the planting dates for various crops. A large format (3’x 4’), laminated 2-month blank calendar is used (purchased from office supply store). Throughout the season, the months and dates are filled in with whiteboard marker. Laminated pieces are taped onto the calendar to show last and first frost dates, last and first dates to plant different crops, last dates to plant winter cover crops, etc.

Bed Planning Tool


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This Bed Planning tool is used to assist farmers in knowing which crops to plant in each bed and when to plant them. Each bed marker is filled out either by staff ahead of time, or by farmers in a class session using their crop calendars and crop rotation plot maps. The bed markers are then placed in each bed at the farm. This tool was developed to increase farmer independence through simple tools, as farmers were not consulting their notebooks weekly and/or had difficulty reading their crop calendars throughout the season. You can add cover crop rotations, succession planting, and multiseason planting. Using these tools allows farmers to quickly look at the upcoming dates, prepare their beds, and plant their seeds in the right bed and at the right time. They are laminated and tape is used for writing in permanent marker (on top of tape), so that they can be recycled and used year after year.

Crop Production Manual


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This is a resource designed to provide farmers with readily accessible, technical information and cultural practices for organic vegetable production without relying on advanced English literacy skills. This manual can be introduced in pre-season crop planning settings and subsequently used throughout the planting season. Though the practices and suggested planting dates presented are specific to our New England growing season, the icons can be easily modified to represent practices and timing suited to your farm and locale.

Crop Planning Module


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This guide covers essential components of crop planning. Participants will learn how to fill out and complete a production plan, determine transplants needed, complete a seed order using the seed calculator tool, and weigh and bag direct-planted or direct-seeded crops. At the end, farmers will be prepared with all their seeds for spring and summer planting and the crop production information needed for the upcoming year. This teaching resource was developed by Transplanting Traditions in Chapel Hill, NC in partnership with the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions). Refugee farmer training programs across the country provided feedback on this lesson, which is now integrated throughout the guide.

Sample Small Shares

This document shows what you might receive your CSA share, by season.

Field Planting Records Template


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This record keeping template is meant to help you plan out timing and location of crops on your farm.  It also helps you record actual field data once crops have been planted or seeded.   

6.13.17 // 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Irrigation Field Workshop

Our Farm Manager will be teaching a Field Workshop on irrigation, its uses, limitations, and problem-solving. Focus will be on drip and overhead systems, as well as on irrigation scheduling and plant water use.

CSA Crop Planning Lesson Plan 2014

This document assists trainers in teaching crop planning including: the importance, the process, choosing the right crops, and creating a planting schedule. Advanced. Keywords: Planning, Production, Vegetables

Nepali Vocabulary - to English

PDF vocabulary list for farmers with common vegetables, herbs and fruits in both English and Nepali.  All Regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: low. Key Words: vocabulary, Nepali.


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