Farmer Assessment and Goal Setting

Staff Recomendations for Farmers Next Year

This document is used to assess a farmer's performance in the farmer program. Includes recomendation for advancement. Beginner. Keywords: administrative, evaluation

Staff Assessment of Farmer Performance 2014

This form allows employers to assess a farmer's progression throughout the season. Advanced. Assessment, land

NLF Participant Performance Evaluation

Excel doc for trainers used to evaluate performance of farmers in the context of an incubator farm program. Evaluation covers various topics, some include payments and fees, food safety, equipment use and pest management.  All Regions. English Level: advanced. Farming Level: beginning. Literacy Level: advanced. Key Words: organizational planning, evaulation, administration.

CSA Class - 2 of 3

Power point presentation for farmers with customer's feedback about their CSA.  Needs to be adapated to specific programs, useful outline.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning.  Farming level: Beginning. Literacy Level: low/moderate.  Key Words: CSA, feedback, customer service.

Prospective New Roots Farmer Interview

A tool for evaluating prospective program farmers from the New Roots for Refugees Program - Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

Refugee Child Care Assessment Form

Organizations that work specifically with refugees have found that access to childcare can be a signfiicant obstacle to people's participation in farm incubator projects. The following survey was shared by Marijana Ababovic from ISED Solutions on the RAP-P list serve.

Starting a Farm Business- Swahili translation

Swahili translation of document that outlines the basics of starting a farm business: including legal, production, and marketing assessments. 

Being Hmong Means Being Free

A documentary exploring the history and culture of the Hmong people who have settled in the U.S. between 1975 and the 1990s.

Wisconsin Public Television & NEWIST/CESA7


Farm Program Assessment Form

Assessment form from Fostering Agricultural Refugees Microenterprises (FARM) that surveys farmers about the services they received at the International rescue Committee's regional office in Phoenix. Includes questions on income, business management, and agricultural experience.

Plain Language Guide to USDA's NASS End of Season Fruit and Vegetable Inquiry

Learn about the purpose of the end of season survey, contact information for USDA, and the steps for completing the survey.

Northeast Network of Immigrant Farming Projects



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