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Use these record templates to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act's Produce Safety Rule.  If you are not covered by the new regulations, these templates can help to easily and efficiently practice food safety on your farm.  



7.8.17 // 10:00am to 12:00pm

Harvest and Post-Harvest Technique Field Workshop

Our Farm Manager John Short will be teaching a Field Workshop on harvesting and post-harvest strategies for the harvesting and care of safe, beautiful, and fresh vegetables and fruits. The workshop will focus on good harvesting techniques and maintaining food safety and preventing spoilage and loss both in the field and during storage.

Going to the Farmer's Market

Powerpoint presentation for farmers on how to prepare for the market.  Includes information about how/when to process vegetables, what supplies are needed at the market and basic information about taking EBT and WIC coupons.  All Regions.  English Level: Emerging.  Farming Level: Beginning. LIteracy Level: Moderate/Semi. Key Words: farmer's market, EBT, WIC, marketing, harvesting.

Welcome to the Farm

PDF used to welcome participants to the farm and outline common rules and procedures.  Good template that can be adapted to other incubator farms.  Includes slides about trash, compost, field layout, irrigation, planting and harvesting, pests, soil fertility.  Instructors may need to adapt to thier specific program and add prompts.  All Regions.  English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Pre.  Key words: pests, soil, compost, rules, irrigation, fertilizer.

Hand Washing Instructions- Karen Translation

Karen translation of instructions for vegetables prep and wash stations, from Transplanting Traditions.

Hand Washing Instructions

Instructions for vegetables prep and wash stations, from Transplanting Traditions.

Farm Hygiene - Translated into Kirundi

Farm hygiene document translated into Kirundi.

How to Build a Low-cost Cooler (Spanish version)

This video demonstrates the process of building a low-cost farm cooler, and is a great accompaniment to hands-on workshops. Dubbed in Spanish, it is one of three educational videos produced by the Spring Rose Growers Cooperative based in Madison, Wisconsin made possible with funds from the USDA Small Socially Disadvantaged Producer Grant.

Wholesale Packing Resource Guide

Plain lanugage guide from New Entry for people who want to learn about selling to supermarkets, produce distributors, restaurants and institutions. The guide explains packing requirements and aims to help farmers decide if it makes sense for them to enter the wholesale market.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)- Plain Language Guide

Plain language guide from New Entry on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). The guide provides background on the importance of GAPs, the audit process, and developing a food safety plan.


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