Are you a Massachusetts resident receiving SNAP benefits?

Are you interested in purchasing fresh local food?  

Enroll today in the World PEAS CSA program and get a box of fresh, locally grown produce every week between June and October, completely free of charge!

Visit our SNAP CSA FAQ page for more information.


Please contact or call 978-654-6745 to sign up!


Since 2016, World PEAS CSA has partnered with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance to offer a SNAP CSA program, making fresh, local produce more affordable and accessible to our community members.  In 2017, DTA started the Healthy Incentive Program, providing families with more purchasing power and local farmers with more income.

The SNAP CSA share offers the opportunity for SNAP recipients to pay for their World PEAS CSA share with their SNAP benefits.  Here’s how it works.

One SNAP CSA share costs $80 a month. SNAP CSA customers receive a weekly farm share filled with fresh, local fruits and vegetables. The full monthly value of the farm share is $114 but we are able to subsidize this price and lower the cost to $80 per month.  This price has increased because we want to make this program financially sustainable. We hope that by subsidizing each share, we can increase accessibility.  CSA payments are debited from the SNAP CSA customers' EBT accounts automatically each month.  When a SNAP household joins the CSA, they fill out the forms to set up the automatic monthly debiting for the whole season: that means no EBT terminals or manual vouchers are needed to pick up the shares.

CSA shares include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables each week.  The types of fruits and vegetables in the share change depending on what is in season.  World PEAS CSA staff work with farmers to design the share, ensuring the contents of the box reflect a week’s worth of produce for cooking and snacking.  Generally, each share contains enough produce to feed 2 to 3 people, but is also a great way for larger families to add more fruits and vegetables into their diets.  Customers determine their pick-up site prior to the season from any one of our 12 community delivery locations in Lowell and Greater Boston.  On delivery day, customers receive an e-newsletter containing recipes, storage information, and updates for our farmers.  Check out our “What is a CSA?” page to learn more.

To enroll, individuals must fill out our Membership Agreement prior to June 15.  Call 978-654-6745 or email for forms or with any additional questions.