Upcoming Events

4.1.17 //

1:00pm to 4:00pm

Cabbige Workshop

Recordkeeping Technology for Your Farm In this workshop, Jessica Angell, founder of Cabbige, will discuss how to keep record-keeping simple, focus on your farm, and make the most of the data you collect. Topics covered will include: technologies that make record-keeping simple and useful, what data to focus on and how to use it, and how data analysis can improve your profitability. Attendees will receive 3 months of Cabbige for FREE. Registration Required

4.4.17 //

5:00pm to 7:00pm

Explore Farming Workshop

Free 2- hour workshop that helps you explore if starting a farm business is right for you!


We're Hiring! Farm Business Training and Incubator Farm Manager

New Entry’s Incubator Farm Training Program provides practical, hands-on training for beginning farmers who want to start and operate successful small farm businesses. After completing the Farm Business Planning Course and creating a personalized farm business plan, new farmers are eligible to lease land on our training farms at affordable rates for up to three years, with access to regular field-based trainings, one-on-one technical assistance from our expert staff, and use of basic farm infrastructure.